myBoard interactive monitors

myBoard 32-touch touchscreen monitor - interactive and informational

Interactive monitors naturally displace now popular—at schools and kindergartens—interactive whiteboards.

LED-backlit touchscreen LCDs are another step forward in the process of developing modern, interactive technologies. They are Plug&Play devices with speakers, an OPS computer and an Android Box, all integrated. They are perfect replacement for interactive whiteboards which depend on external devices—such as image projector, PC and sound system—which need to be maintained independently and also calibrated to properly work together. Popularity of the monitors is growing exponentially due to high-quality data presentation they provide. A bright, high-contrast image and a long life expectancy of LED—in comparison with video projector's—are the most important advantages of the solution. The monitor is designed with optional video camera installation in mind which makes it perfectly suited for videoconferences, e.g. with another school.

myBoard monitors are sold together with a eMarker interactive software. Intuitive and user-friendly interface optimised for presentation and interactivity.

myBoard monitors are also bundled with our original Informer application. It can transform the monitor into an interactive bulletin board or an information kiosk. Presented content can be modified by the user to better fit a particular meeting or conference. When no meeting is happening, it can be used as a school e-bulletin.

Interactive displays are not only applicative and financially beneficial but also make any institution look modern, innovative and prestigious, caring about its development.

See for yourself the endurance of myBoard monitors' tempered glass!

myBoard brand

Interactive education with myBoard, successfully for 5 years

myBoard brand is owned by the Mentor company; a language laboratories producer and multimedia solutions integrator which sets the trend for new technologies for education.

Mentor cares about quality, durability and popularity of all the myBoard products. Their components, technical parameters, functionality and appearance are all carefully chosen.

myBoard Silver whiteboards with Mobile Share feature

First myBoard Silver interactive whiteboards appeared on the Polish market in the second half of 2012. They were soon noticed and appreciated by customers thanks to their eye-catching appearance, solid construction and dedicated accessories.

While the popularity of the myBoard brand was dynamically growing for these 5 years, we were continuously updating the related software. The newest version of the myBoard application got a Mobile Share feature. It enables a connectivity with students' tablet computers and therefore allows them to work with the board without leaving their seats.

TOP myBoard product - 65" interactive touchscreen monitor 4K, 32-touch, open-source Android OS with Google Play store, LCD with 500cd brightness, lifespan up to 50,000 hours, toughened glass anti-glare surface. An option to install a OPS computer with Windows 10 Pro and 6th generation Intel i3 processor. Currently the best offer for education

myBoard monitor is a all-in-one solution integrating a monitor, PC and an Android Box.

myBoard makes working with high-tech equipment as simple and intuitive as never before. A teacher can focus on a class topic, choosing interesting resources and planning a lesson.

Using free Android applications from the Google Play store is a must to fully capitalize on modern multimedia in education. Free Internet resources can be an invaluable inspiration for teachers looking for applications which will engage students by introducing elements of fun and friendly rivalry to the process of learning.


eMarker interactive software

  • Multi-Touch - recognises many points of contact
  • Toolbar - comprehensible, with drop-down menu, customizable by the user
  • Floating toolbar - handy toolbar to be used in fullscreen mode and transparent mode


Download and try the newest version


eMarker interactive software

Informer application

Create a school multimedia newsletter!

Informer application allows a touchscreen display to act as an info booth. The users will easily find and familiarise themselves with any provided information.

Application design and informational content are prepared individually for each of the customers, according to the needs. Basic edition of the software allows the access to a given data through a hyperlink, the personalised edition additionally switches between the previously prepared content pages.

The personalised, paid edition of the application is prepared according to detailed instructions and wishes of an end user. Price of the personalised version can be estimated only after gathering the knowledge about a functionality needed by the user.

Informer can be highly configured by the user; button labels can be changed, hyperlinks can lead to e.g. websites or RTF files, and application icons can be picked from a list.



Informer application



Key features


  • Android 5.0.1 with Google Play
  • 32-touch feature recognizes up to 32 points of contact
  • LCD panel’s maximum lifespan is 50,000 hours
  • 4mm toughened glass screen with matt, anti-glare surface
  • audio system 2 × 14W
  • Full HD or 4K (3840×2160) resolution*
  • Plug&Play device – no need for drivers installation
  • Mount bracket for Logitech video camera**
  • Built-in tray with Logitech wireless keyboard**
  • Interactive pen tray or i-Pen stylus**

    * depends on the model

    ** optional

    Accessories, mounts and stands

    Keyboard integrated with a tray

    Logitech wireless keyboard with touchpad to increase the work convenience

    Logitech wireless keyboard with touchpad

    myBoard i-Pen smart stylus

    Stylus with interactive and presentation functions

    Mounting handle with Full HD video camera

    Easy fastening, enables videoconference calls

    Mounting handle with Full HD video camera