About us

We create education for tommorow

Siedziba Mentor Systemy Audiowizualne


Mentor is a technology company that has been designing, manufacturing and implementing new technologies for education for 23 years. As a manufacturer, we have our own production line and modern machinery, and our team ensures the quality of each component and finished product at every stage of production.

Our innovations develop the competencies of the future, the most important of which is language learning. That's why we started by producing language labs that make learning a foreign language more effective. Loud pronunciation training, quizzes to test knowledge, recording of all audio tracks for later verification of assessment.

In our activities, we want the products to be accessible to students with SEN - to equalize their educational opportunities and include them in the learning process. We have used solutions such as audiodescription, special labeling of student desktops and inductophone loops in the studios so that the visually and hearing impaired can use them. This is one of the directions we are developing with our R&B department and in cooperation with universities.

Another language system is Audytor Lab, a unique system for teaching simultaneous translation in Europe, which has already been implemented in 80% of philological universities in Poland.

Also coming off our production line is the SmartFloor interactive floor - the only device on the Polish market with 5 types of interaction: movement, hand, special light pen, tablet and interactive robot. We also offer a dedicated table for older children, adults, seniors and wheelchair users.

For 13 years we have also successfully developed and designed our own brand myBoard: monitors and interactive whiteboards, as well as multimedia tables, selecting components and software.